How to get through the little bad things.

   What to do about those pesky little things that leave the biggest dents.

Before we get started, go ahead and jam the two songs at the bottom. (One at a time, mind you) The first one is the original song I had picked out, the second is my current mood. (I’m a metal head at heart, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

I have the perfect fucking example for you guys right now. I had this entire post written up, around 1400 words, and it’s all gone. In all honesty, I’ll crank out 5000 words in a day, so it’s really not the biggest deal in the world, but man did this hit home. It hit home for a couple reasons:

1. I had to refresh because while I was trying to preview the post it froze. So it’s not even my fault, technically.

2. I swore there was an internal back up, so I tested it. I start a new post, type “jjjj” and close the window. I open up a new post and WordPress tells me, “You have a draft in your browser history, would you like to open it? FUCK YEAH. 


So needless to say I am a bit irked. Even now I look at 200 words and all I can do is sigh. At least I can use the excuse that the first post was genius if this one comes out shitty.

Enough about that, let’s get into it.

I don’t think I need to go into too much detail, you all know what I am talking about. Things weigh you down for weeks, even months, and the smallest thing sets you off. Here’s the original example: A few weeks ago my snake bit me. She has shown aggression a total of two times before hand. Once, she was caught in a wicker chair and lashed out, which in my opinion, makes sense. Imagine being stuck and you see giant hands reaching at you, I’d fuckin’ bite ’em too. The other time, I accidentally bumped her pretty hard while cleaning her tank on accident, which again, makes sense. If you bump me, I’m going to be pissed.

This time though, there was nothing. She wasn’t beginning to shed, she was fed three days ago (for those of you who don’t know, snakes can show aggression while hungry, and just about a day after they eat. (Generally speaking, don’t quote me on that, just personal experience.)), I didn’t hit her, she was warm, it was humid. All in all, everything was fine. Yet, she still snipped at me. Don’t get me wrong. She’s not even three years old. Her bites don’t hurt, she isn’t even that quick yet. It was the simple fact that I didn’t deserve it on top of her track record of being really gentle and loving. Any other day, I put my hand down, and she slithers up to Daddy.

So, this little mishap completely set me off. I fell right into the nothingness that I’ve explained in earlier posts. For three days. Three days, I was an empty vessel, ready to be used by whoever wanted to take control. I ate, slept, and repeated. I knew what the problem was right away, and unfortunately I didn’t do anything about it.

So we’re going to jumping right into what to do about these situations. And yes, you’re going to see me repeat, and compound on things said already. Just know, that is how important they are. 

1. Rant.

I can’t tell you how important this one is. Especially when it comes to those little things setting you off. That little thing set you off, because you’ve been holding other things in. Whether you’ve been holding those thoughts and feelings in all day, all month, or all year. The fact that you can’t find your other shoe that you just fucking saw, is enough to bring those memories to the surface. So grab your handy dandy friend, and unload. If you don’t have one of those, give me all you’ve got. Several people can attest to how great I am at listening/reading a good rant. Unload all of the bullshit you’ve had to deal with all month with the kids, the boyfriend, the job, the parents, everything. Let loose. I know it’s hard. I have had quite a few messages telling me it’s too hard, or they can’t. I know it’s difficult to start, but the relief you feel afterwards is incredible. Imagine taking off a 50 pound jacket for the first time in months that you didn’t realize you were wearing. Yeah, that’s how great it is.

2. Deal with the constant problems.

Everyone has daily stress. Whether it be a dirty house, an on-going argument with the S/O, or problems with the job. You’ve always known in the back of your head that you need to do something about them, but never have. Well now you got the gentle push you didn’t know you were looking for. Me.

Here’s my example: Every single day I woke up to a dirty apartment. Yet, neither my roommate nor I would do anything about it. It was always the others mess, and I wasn’t about to clean up after him. We literally started buying paper plates because the sink had all of our dishes in it. Finally, after my sister brought up how disgusting our place was, I did something about it. I sat my best friend down, and we talked it out. We came up with the solution: Every single day, we’re going to straighten up a little bit. Nothing major, just a few minutes here and there. No matter who’s mess it was, just clean a bit. Before we knew it our apartment was sparkling clean, and it stayed that way.

The point is: I did something about it. I compromised. Instead of bickering about who’s mess it was, we came to a solid agreement that we were going to straighten up no matter what. Even if it was his clothes I was picking up, or my dishes he was cleaning. We became a team, and it made our lives so much better, and our relationship that much closer.

I’m not asking you to resolve your problems in one sitting like I did. I am asking to start taking the steps towards fixing those every day stressors. Make a plan and stick to it. Make compromises. Even if you have to give a little, is that worse than continuously dealing with the same shit every day? I didn’t think so. You have the means to completely wipe away everyday stress, use that to your advantage!

3. Exercise.

I’ll be real with you. This is the toughest. Those of you who don’t do any form of exercise, this is going to be a challenge. A challenge I know that you can accomplish. Now last time I got all medical up in here, but I am going to give you the spark notes here. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Your muscles go from constantly getting nutrients, to being covered with fat storage (Disclaimer: Fat storage does not mean fat or obese).

What this does, is it weighs your body down, which in-turn, weighs your mind down. You are tired more easily than others. Which in turn causes stress, mid day naps, and overall sluggishness. No one wants any of that. The amount of energy you will gain by simply walking around the block once a day is so immense it’s nearly indescribable. You won’t feel dead at 3 pm, you’ll begin wanting to get out of the house and do something. It’s such an empowering feeling.

Start small. Baby steps. A few push ups right when you wake up and right before you go to bed. Walk around the block once or twice. Do a few sit ups before you hop in the shower. Little things like that will kick your body back into gear, supplying your muscles with the much needed calcium, and give you more energy on the day-to-day.

3a. Stretch.

This is just as important. Getting those dusty muscles stretch out every day will increase blood flow, provide more energy through the day, and get the much needed serotonin into your brain. Try to touch them toes, stretch those arms across your chest. Right when you wake up, directly after those push ups and sit ups is the best time to get this out of the way.

These few things can be daunting I know. I’ll be frank, no one is going to do it for you. I can give you all of the information in the world, but nobody can make you use it. But, I believe in you. I know you’re capable of living your life to the absolute fullest. The simple fact that I went from 5 viewers to ~150 in three days is enough for me. The messages asking for help, the shares on Facebook, ect. I know you’re capable, willing, and hungry to beat that depressions ass. I promise you there is no better time to start than now.


P.S. 150 views today, I’d kiss every single one of you if I could. Keep sharing, keep spreading my words, keep messaging me, keep commenting. If I’ve helped you, then I can help others, too. Seriously thank you all so much.

P.S.S Some people still don’t know, but if you scroll to the top of the page, there are three horizontal lines on the top right hand side. Click it and a window will pop out. It will show you my GoFundMe page, all of my social networks, and some other things (Like the about me section I haven’t done yet, sorry).


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