Daily Challenges, and how to deal with them

   By a show of hands, who can name at least two or three different struggles that they have to deal with on a daily basis? Ah, just as I thought. Now a follow-up question: How many take steps necessary to deal with those head on, versus simply ignoring or squeezing by them? I can tell you I was in the latter category for as long a long, long time. (P.S. If the YouTube video I embedded didn’t auto play, click that shit, it’s a good song. If it’s not there, then my coding is worse than I thought.)

   Let’s list off a few together, shall we? I’ll give you a few of mine, you can make a mental note of yours, or better yet, write them down.

  • Getting out of bed.
  • Cooking… Anything.
  • Interacting with other humans.
  • Chores. (I.e. straightening up, folding a load of clothes, washing said clothes, ect.)
  • Going to sleep at night.

Now let’s break it down a tad. For the first point, an excerpt from my novel:

   “Waking up is the first thing that comes to mind. Everything about it is terrible. I am sure most of you can agree, no one likes to get up and out of bed. For me it’s like when Rose is struggling to blow the whistle to get the attention of the other boat. She wants it so badly, and fights to her very core to blow that damn whistle and live to see the next day.

   It’s not because I am lazy, tired, or anything trivial like that, it’s deeper. It’s this rooted need that forces me to succumb to nothingness. To just lay there and be empty for all eternity. I lay awake in bed every day trying my best to feel. That’s it. I just want to feel something.”

   Can anyone relate? Fixing this part of my day was by far the hardest. Well, that is a white lie. I am still fixing it. Here are a few things that I do on a daily basis to help get out of bed:

  • Stretch: not only will you be more flexible, but it increases blood flow, raises blood pressure, and wakes your body up.
  • Prepare coffee to make the night before. This is one of my most important points. Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be coffee either, prepare anything you like in the morning the night before. The very thought that it’s waiting for you when you wake up can be enough.
  • Keep a bottle or cup of water by your bedside. When you come-to, it’ll be there waiting for you to slug it down. This will increase your metabolism for the day, as well as jump-start your organs to get to work.

Now the problem that I’ve noticed, and what you may have noticed just by reading, is how to get yourself to do these things, if you don’t even want to move in the morning. The smallest thing is what gets me going every morning. Music. I pick up my phone hit play, and blast that shit. It forces me to open my eyes, see the bottle of water, and the ball starts to roll.

All you have to do now, is picture where you want to be, and get there. Laying in bed isn’t going to help you climb mount Everest, it’s not going to help you get that doctorate, and it sure as hell isn’t going to help you get through the next struggle, whatever that may be.

Cooking. How I fucking loath cooking. I honestly couldn’t tell you what it is that turns me off about the whole thing. Even seeing bad ass dishes on pinterest aren’t enough. What helped me is this: my sister going on a diet. Not a eat-less diet, just an eat-healthier one. She made me a few meals, and what happened to me next was incredible! CLICK HERE FOR MORE!!!

But seriously, over the next couple of days, I was more energized, my digestive tract was healthier, and overall I just felt… better. So I started to cook. Granted very little, but enough to kick out fast food and feel better about myself. It’s amazing how cooking a few meals every week can boost my self-esteem and energy. Now, you may not have a sister, but there are alternatives. Instead of going to McDonald’s for lunch, go to a healthy restaurant a few times a week instead. If you tell me you don’t feel a difference, then I will tell you Subway doesn’t count.

Interacting with other humans is pretty straight forward. Honestly, I just asked myself, “Is this where you wanna be when Jesus comes back?” With no friends? Nah, I’m kidding, although I do have high hopes for the Joe Dirt sequel.

I just made myself ask the questions I had, but couldn’t answer. Every one has that staring contest with the employees back. Do I ask him where this is? Nah, I’ll just keep looking. I’m going to ask a favor: Force yourself to just ask. You might hate doing it, but when he takes you right to the item, and you’re out of Wal-Mart ten minutes earlier than usual, you might thank me.

Doing my chores is sort of the same concept. Instead of letting my dirty clothes sit there until I can con someone into doing them, I actually washed a load. Granted, I had to force myself to do it, and I cursed myself the whole time, but I actually had clothes. Instead of scraping by for some socks, I could grab a pair and head out the door, it was fucking stupefying. That small feat. alone got me into doing my clothes more often.

Going to sleep at night is something I am still working on. I might lay down at 11 pm, but I won’t be asleep until 4 am at the earliest. What I’ve found that helps so far is a little test: Put your phone, laptop, ect down for ten minutes. That’s all I ask. If you put your phone down for ten minutes, clothes your eyes, and are still awake at the end, then pick whatever you had back up for a few minutes. Check your social networks, clash of clans, or work on your e-puzzle for another ten minutes. Then rinse and repeat. You’ll be asleep hours sooner than normal.

Now I know I didn’t get to everything on your list, and that’s okay! We’re all different. This is what I want you to do: drop a comment, send me an email, text me, call me. I’m here. I’m not a doctor, I’m not a therapist, nor am I a dentist. Mouths are fucking disgusting. But I am here. 

The obligatory: Honestly guys, I got I think 40 viewers on that first post. Which is around, give or take, 40 more than I thought I was going to get, so firstly, thank you. Whether you all read it or just clicked on my Facebook link and X’d it out, I couldn’t tell you. But thank you nonetheless for checking it out. Please everyone, if you liked it, give me a follow, or a like, or whatever it is you feel you want to do. Share it on FB, twitter, even Instagram for all I care. If you enjoyed this, maybe your friends will to, if you hated this, maybe you have friends that will enjoy it. I also would love if you guys and gals dropped comments, or sent me an email giving me tips, concerns, or requests. If I’m not hitting what you’re looking for, let me know. I can’t read all of your minds, so help me out a little bit.

Again, thank you everyone for giving it a read.



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